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  • This is my first ziyarat and the best experience I can ever have. Kashif Arif and their family including young children are so humble and caring. I felt like a family. The group is very well organized. I wish them the best. May they stay blessed in sadaqe of 14 Masoomeen.

    Hena Hasan
  • Assalam o alikumI had gone for the past 17 days on a Holy journey to Karbala, Najaf and Iran for Ziyarat. I had a wonderful experience and feel that I was spiritually uplifted and rejuvenated from this journey.Much of the credit goes to my travel guide- Kashif Jaffery from New Jersey. He tirelessly and without any other motivation was interested in helping and making our journey smoother, enjoyable . He and his brother Arif Jaffery have worked extremely hard to make this tour successful. He works at cost .As some of you have indicated interest in doing these Ziyarats, I am sharing his contact information. Please contact him for further details.

    Shabbir Bahora
  • Masha Allah great group.

    Meer Haider
  • Excellent ziyarat group, very memorable ziyarat i had alhamdulilah. Inshallah i will go with them again.

    H Raza
  • Salaamunalaikum everyone. We reached Washington safely. I wanted to thank Kashif and Arif for making this spiritual and sacred journey happen smoothly and safely.

    Basharath Razvi
  • Bismillah SA.This Adventure was Extraordinary the whole adventure was a dream come true. I would definitely recommend this Ziyarat Group to the follower of Ahlulbayt who would want to go on Ziyarat.

    Sukaina Boman
  • It was a wonderful experience with Ziyarat Group, very well organized. I’ll give 5 stars…

    Kaka Fatheyab
  • It was my first time going for ziyaraat and Ziyarat Group made it a very wonderful experience. It was a very well organized trip. Brother Kashif & Arif were very accommodating. They made every effort to ensure that we had a pleasant experience. Hotels were excellent. I will definitely be joining Ziyarat Group again in the future InshAllah and highly recommend them to everyone. May Allah swt give you and your team long life and strength to continue to help others do the Ziyarat. JazakAllah.

    Sakina J.
  • Alhumdulillah, my wife and I went to Iraq with Ziyarat Group in August. The organizers did a fantastic job with respect to planning and arrangements. Although our trip was relatively short (10 days total), the planning was done in such a way to maximize our time at each of the Rozas. Trips within Karbala and Najaf/Kufa were done around Maghrib and/or Fajr, so that large portions of the days and nights were free for individual prayer/dua. The organizers also really went out of the way to make sure we were comfortable and that we had anything we needed/requested. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ziyarat Group, and look forward to going with them again in the future, Insha’Allah.

    Hyder A. Naqvi
  • For my first time of Ziyarat of Iraq, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Kashif planned the trip very organized and orderly. Even though the weather was very hot, Kashif planned it so that we wouldn’t have any problems or difficulties. Also, the maulana was very helpful, he explained every Roza in detail and read the Masab. The hotels were excellent and very close to the Rozas. I highly recommend everyone to go with him if you are planning for Ziyarat.

    Ismat Rizvi
  • Thanks kashif n Arif bhai for arranging such a wonderful trip. All the zaireen are back to there destinations safely, Alhamdolillah. We had great time visiting all the holy shrines. We pray that Allah SWT accept all the ibadaat and holy journey of all the zaireen. God bless you n our imams accept all your efforts Aameen 🙏 💕

    Rashida Jafri
  • Excellent trip!

    Salaam Alaikum, I’d like to thank everyone that was involved in organising this remarkable beautiful spiritual journey for us. Everything was properly managed from the beginning of our journey to the end. All the services that were provided to us were splendid! Hotels and transportation were top-notch. Throughout the journey we had no inconvenience and we had a delightful Ziyarat experience. I’d like to thank Kashif bhai and Arif bhai for making this trip an outstanding experience for all of us.

    Syeda Mubashara Razi
  • I just been blessed with the honor of visiting Riyazul Jannah(Ziyaraat) in Iraq and Iran. I’m thankful to Allah SWT who bestowed this blessing on me and family.The trip spiritual side cannot be simply enclosed in words. It has been beyond this world n human imagination. This could never be possible without immense planning and robust leadership of Ziyarat Group Family including Kashif Bhai n Arif Bhai. Such a humble and approachable souls. i would highly recommend them for next upcoming trip. From paperwork to flights to hotel stay to local transportation, all have been well organized. Ziyarat Group have excellent local team members to work with in Iraq n Iran who ultimately make sure that all zaireen have the best experience of their life time. May Allah accept all of our efforts and pursa. May we strive to become the best followers of Ehlul Bait (AS). No matter where you go in the world, your heart is left behind in the holy land…

    Hadiqa Batool
  • All thanks to Ziyarat Group for executing our invitation from Imam Ali Raza A.S. Our first spiritual journey to Iran with Ziyarat Group was above and beyond any vacation trip that we had. VVIP Reception that we received being Zawar of Imam Ali Raza A.S. was amazing. Guidance from religious scholors was outstanding. Whole experience left us with highly liberating and peaceful state. I recommend Ziyarat Group to everyone that is planning this spiritual journey. P.S. 😉 Ziyarat Group went out of the way to accomodate taste receptors of Zawars with mouth watering Nihari, Biryani Halwa puri and much more.

    Askar Mehdi
  • Alhumdiallah Amazing Group well organized and well planned . Had a really great Spiritual Journey . I would definitely Recommend everyone to go with this group . Inshallah Looking forward to go again.

    Tasneem Hasan Aga
  • i highly recommend Ziyarat Group. They are great people . i joined them this year in April and the service along with the volunteers were great. i will definitely join them again for my next trip Inshallah .

    shaeel jaffrey


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