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Summer Ziyarat

6 Days
Availability : Aug 1’ - Aug 6’
Ziyarat Details

Departure Date

July 31, 2020

Departure & Return Location

United States


Economy Package : $619
Standard Package : $749

Price Includes

  • Visa Service
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Tour Guide
  • Buffet Meals
  • All transportation in destination location

31 JulyDeparture

  • Departure from USA

1 AugustQom

  • Meet and assist at Tehran Airport.
  • Drive to Qom, Check in at the hotel, rest and ghusl.
  • Izne Dukhul & ziyarat haram Bibi Masooma (SA).

2 AugustQom

  • Ziyarat of Bait ul Noor (The house that Bibi Masooma (SA) stayed while in Qom)
  • Ziyarat of Bait e Imam Khomeini (RA).
  • Ziyarat of Chehel Akhtaran & Kuh e Khizr(AS).
  • Masjid e Jamkaran (perform Amaal e Masjid e Jamkaran, Namaz e Maghribein followed by Dua e Tawassul).

3 AugustMashhad

  • Luggage’s must be in the lobby by 7:00AM to check out of hotel at 8:00 AM.
  • Ziyarat of Shah Abdul Azeem(AS).
  • Ziyarat of Imam Khomeini (RA).
  • Drive to Tehran Airport.
  • Domestic departure from Tehran to Mashhad.
  • Arrival In Mashhad, Check in at the hotel
  • Recite Izne Dukhul & Ziyarat followed by Namaz e Maghrebein at Rawaq e Kauser.

4 AugustMashhad

  • Power Point Presentation about Shrine of Imam Reza(AS) and maqsad e ziyarat followed by Haram tour and namaz e Zohrain.
  • Lunch at Dastarkhuwan Imam Reza(AS)
  • Mashhad Atraf Ziyarat
  • Ziyarat of Imam Ali Reza (AS)

5 AugustMashhad

  • Drive to Nishapoor
  • Qadamgah of Imam Reza(AS)
  • Ziyarat of Imam zade Ibrahim(AS) & hazrat Mahrukh(AS)

6 AugustDeparture

  • Departure from Mashhad Airport.


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