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Why Choose Ziyarat Group?

Ziyarat Group is the leading travel and tour operator specializing in Iraq and Iran Ziyarats. We offer April Ziyarat, Ashura in Karbala, Arbaeen Walk, December Ziyarat & Summer Ziyarat Packages along with customized packages throughout the year. We take pride in all our zawaars.

"We pride ourselves serving Zuwaars"

To provide the most comfortable, convenient, and affordable ziyarat experience for every zawar of Imam Hussain (as) in the hope of being blessed throughout this journey from the land of our masters.


Fortunate are those who are able to travel to the land of Karbala”. We hope to enable lovers of Imam Hussain (as) from all around the world to fulfill their duty of ziyarat by providing service that exceeds expectations.

We are a team of genius people.

Ziyarat Groups main priority is to offer the best possible ziyarat experience. Our team consists of genius people whose duty is to be the servants of our masters during the visit of Ahlulbayt (AS) family.